Israeli startup raises $10m for high voltage GaN technology roll out

June 08, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Israeli startup raises $10m for high voltage GaN technology roll out
VisIC Technologies in Israel has raised $10m in its fourth round of funding to acclerate the rollout of its high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) power technology.

The Nes Ziona-based company raised the money from a private investor and has already raised over $11.6m, bringing the total to over $21m from local investors such as Genesis Partners and Federmann Enterprises.

“GaN technology opens a new space in power electronics - from shifting the performance envelope up to the point of new topologies development. We are delighted to see VisIC offering specifically rugged GaN devices with negligible fast transient dynamic RDSon.”, said Ivan Feno, Principal Power Design Engineer from Bel Power Solutions. “The insulated thermal pad is another welcome feature enabling the increase of the power stage reliability and density. Ultimately, 1200V rated GaN devices might be an attractive alternative in the 1200V segment dominated by SiC technology today.”

VisIC cites the ongoing R&D designs by large players in the power electronics industry as helping to close this round of funding on favorable terms. “We are very excited by the level of enthusiasm of VisIC’s investor, who believes in the enormous potential of VisIC’s GaN products. With the new funding, we can expand our portfolio further to address more market segments. Furthermore, we will increase our technical support team to assist our growing worldwide customer base.” said Tamara Baksht, VisIC Technologies’ founder and CEO. About VisIC Technologies:

VisIC has successfully developed, and is bringing to market, high power GaN-based transistors and modules with keystone patents for GaN technology and has additional patents pending. 

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