Intelligent PDUs add patented self-test to avoid manual reset

February 06, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Intelligent PDUs add patented self-test to avoid manual reset
Legrand has launched a new range of Residual Current Monitoring (RCM Type B) options for intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with a patented self-test functionality designed to avoid the downtime of manual RCM testing by electricians in the data centre.

“We wanted to simplify the way users deploy Residual Current Monitoring at the rack level by making it easier to test and maintain the circuitry, and ultimately comply with electrical standards,” said Michael Suchoff, chief engineer and Inventor of the self-test patent for Legrand's Raritan brand. “Adding RCM to the Rack PDUs is the most efficient way to manage potential leakage current risks from the IT equipment.” 
European countries such as Germany and France have made periodic inspection of data centres compulsory to protect its workers and facilities, and the IT industry expects an increasing number of countries will follow RCM standards to monitor Residual Current in data centres to improve efficiency, better protect workers, IT equipment, and ultimately avoid electrocution and fires.

In parallel to RCM, European data centre standards such as EN 50600 are also defining the need for neutral current monitoring. EN 50600 8.2.1 defines the need for neutral current monitoring as a mean to prevent overloading and overheating of the neutral wire.

“With this  in mind, our engineers designed three types of RCM sensors as well as a neutral conductor monitoring solution to provide our customer with a more reliable infrastructure, and keep the data center a safe working environment,” said Nicolas Sagnes, Global Product Marketing for Raritan.

All Raritan’s PX PDUs with the highly accurate RCM sensor embedded enable users in data center environments to set configurable RCM thresholds for optimal efficiency and early detection of critical conditions. Alerts can be configured through Xerus firmware and be sent to a dedicated maintenance contact for quick intervention through email, SMS, and SNMP traps. The types of residual current monitoring that Raritan now offers on its power products with RCM option are:

  • RCM Type A - detecting AC and pulsating DC leakage
  • RCM Type B single channel - detecting both AC and DC leakage for all lines
  • RCM Type B three channel - detecting both AC and DC leakage on each

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