Intelligent module for ultracapacitor UPS is optimised for mainboard power

July 19, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Intelligent module for ultracapacitor UPS is optimised for mainboard power
Bicker Elektronik (Donauwoerth, Germany) has launched an extension module for uninterruptible power supplies for mainboard electronics based around ultracapacitors.

The UPS for industrial computers, embedded PCs and gateways is increasingly crucial factor both in industrial and medical technology.

The new PSZ-1063 μExtension module extends the features of Bicker's maintenance-free DC UPS systems and DC-DC converter with backup feature with numerous functions that ensure optimal connection and protection of current mainboards.

The plug-in module is simply attached to the COM interface of the DC UPS and connectsto the RS-232 interface of the mainboard via appropriate accessory interface cables. To protect the computer system against voltage fluctuations, flicker, voltage dips or failure of the supply voltage, the DC UPS systems use ultracapacitors for energy storage, which are characterized by extremely short charging times, a wide temperature range and a high current carrying capacity and power density. 

The continuous operation data acquisition of the PSZ-1063 module now allows real-time data monitoring. The data is continuously recorded via the I²C interface of the DC UPS system and stored in the μExtension module. The module's RS232 interface allows the data to be forwarded to the host, enabling easy implementation into the computer system. The open communication protocol with extensive list of commands offers system developers individual connection possibilities to their specific system.

Another core feature of the PSZ-1063 module is the built-in reboot feature, which enables the system to automatically reboot as soon as the power supply voltage returns during the shutdown process or at a later point in time. When the input voltage is present, the startup function of the mainboard can be activated directly via BIOS. For example, self-sufficient computer systems can be shut down in a controlled manner after a power failure and then restarted automatically without any operator intervention.

A safety function can be activated for the output or supply release to the system, which ensures that the output of the DC UPS is not enabled until the supercapacitors have reached at least 90% of their capacity. A safe and reliable shutdown process of the system is thus always guaranteed.

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