Industrial camera comes with 32bit processing capability

January 30, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Industrial camera comes with 32bit processing capability
The pictor N product family from Vision & Control GmbH (Suhl, Germany) offers high flexibility through easy integration into a wide range of environments, combined with the power of a 32-bit dual-core processor. With, this combination, the camera is an ideal platform for numerous innovative image processing applications.

The pictor N-Series represents a new generation of intelligent cameras for demanding industrial applications. Examples where the pictor N cameras can be used advantageously due to their high acquisition speed and precision include the measurement and position detection of tiny electronic components in automatic PCB assembly or the recognition of colors, codes and characters in the packaging industry - the latter especially in systems with high throughput and correspondingly short acquisition times. Due to its high flexibility, this platform can also be used in countless other application areas.

In order to meet such quality assurance requirements, Vision & Control has developed a hardware base for its new pictor N cameras that is at the forefront of technology and meets the highest demands in terms of performance and precision. The latest generation of image sensors pass their signal on to a specially tailored computing platform, consisting of an ARM Cortex A9 in a dual-core configuration with an integrated FPGA processor array to accelerate image processing. A generously dimensioned Flash EPROM accommodates the basic firmware supplied by the company. Of the 16 GB total capacity, 12 GB can be used to store user-specific software and images.

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