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June 06, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
IGBT and SiC gate drivers certified for automotive use
Power Integrations has certified two members of its SCALE-iDriver gate driver family to AEC-Q100 Grade Level 1 for automotive use.

The SCALE-iDriver devices reduce the number of external components required, simplifying the BOM and permitting two-layer PCB layouts, which reduces interference and increases the reliability of the whole system. The automotive DC-DC converter for the secondary-side supply voltage is simplified as only a unipolar voltage is required by the SCALE-iDriver. Built-in voltage and power management circuitry handles the necessary regulation of positive and negative gate-drive voltages and the device includes a full range of safety features including Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) for short-circuit turn-off and under-voltage protection.

SCALE-iDriver ICs are available now, priced at $4.12 in 10,000 quantities. Technical information is available at www.power.com/products/scale-idriver-ic-family/sid11x2kq

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