High peak load power supply for medical laser systems

February 19, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
The SMM3000A80024C was developed by Powerbox to deliver 2.25kW repetitive peak power to a medical laser.
The SMM3000A80024C was developed by Powerbox to deliver 2.25kW repetitive peak power to a medical laser

Powerbox has launched a power supply for high peak load applications such as a medical laser.

The SMM3000A80024C uses digital control and high energy storage management techniques to deliver 2.25kW repetitive peak power with high efficiency. The SMM3000A80024C complies with medical safety standards and for silent operation it includes a thermo-controlled cooling system.

Laser equipment is widely used in medical applications and from cosmetic through to general surgery they all require power supplies able to deliver very high peak energy levels to the laser or discharge tubes. However, high peak energy and the repetition thereof generates electromagnetic radiation and line disturbance. This is a challenge for power designers who need power solutions that are able to deliver the required amount of power without generating line disturbances, whilst also guaranteeing patient and operator safety when high voltages and energy levels are involved during the process.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers or Erbium YAG are commonly used in medical applications, though the energy released during the pulse related to the specific task can vary by large amounts. There are different types of pulsing for CO2 lasers. In the cosmetic word, there is a newer technology called UltraPulse (a very short pulse duration with high pulse power and very high influence), that is even faster than SuperPulse (medium pulse duration with medium pulse power).

“A good device has less than a millisecond pulse width, meaning that it is incredibly fast-firing, requiring the power supply to be able to deliver high energy levels during the pulse, but also able to restore energy for the next pulse,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Chief Marketing and Communication officer at Powerbox. “To meet such requirements is a great challenge, though by combining digital power and special PRBX innovations, the PRBX 2.25kW AC-DC capacitor charger SMM3000A80024C meets the requirements of the job and complies with the medical safety standard IEC60601-1 3rd.

The power supply provides a level of protection, primary to secondary main

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