Global silicon anode battery market to approach $500m by 2024

November 14, 2016 //By Nick Flaherty
Global silicon anode battery market to approach $500m by 2024
The market for silicon anode batteries is expected to reach $484.9m by 2024, up from $101.9m this year according to a new report.

The report on "Global Market Study on Silicon Anode Battery: Consumer Electronics Application Segment Anticipated to Remain Dominant Through 2024" from Persistence Market Research sees a compound growth of 21.5% to 2024. North America is dominant with a market share of 35.4% this year, and remaining so throughout the forecast period, but increasing adoption of electric vehicles in Europe is estimated to be one of the major reason for the sales of the silicon anode batteries, providing a CAGR of 22.0% over the forecast period.

Environmental regulations on CO2 emissions are expected to boost the use of alternative modes of transport in the transportation sector with electric vehicles driving demand of next generation batteries such as silicon anode. The higher performance of silicon as an anode material is expected to increase its consumption in smartphone batteries over the forecast period.

However, silicon has a property of soaking large amount of lithium-ions. Therefore, volume of silicon anode increases when lithium ions bind with silicon. This results in repeated expansion and contraction of silicon anode while charging and discharging decreases the performance of batter and is a major challenge to the growth of the global silicon anode battery market.

Various companies are tacking this challenge, Amprius, Nexeon, Enevate, XG Sciences, CONNEXX SYSTEM and OneD Material.

The consumer electronics segment dominated the global market and accounted for 43.7% value share and is estimated to remain dominant throughout the forecast period. This segment is projected to grow over 5x over the forecast period. Increasing demand for high performance of batteries in smartphones is expected to witness a significant growth of the 3G/4G cellphones sub-segment in consumer electronics segment over the forecast period.

The automotive segment for HEVs, EVs and electric bicycles is expected to witness significant growth and projected to grow

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