GaO takes on SiC for power devices

January 26, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
GaO beats SiC in channel mobility
Startup company Flosfia has reported that its gallium-oxide GaO power semiconductor can outperform the characteristics of silicon-carbide, but in a normally-off configuration.

Flosfia Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), founded in 2011, is a pioneer of the use of corundum-structured gallium oxide (α-Ga2O3) as a power semiconductor. The company said it has achieved a channel mobility of 72cm 2/Vs  in normal-off operation which it compares to 30cm 2/Vs for silicon-carbide.

Whereas other power semiconductors may need power to be applied to turn-off the transistor having a technology that turns off when no voltage is applied to the gate is an important characteristic of power transistors for safe and secure electrical systems.

Flosfia calculated the characteristic on-resistance of GaO MOSFETs with a withstand voltage of 600V to 1200V by device simulation, and found that the on-resistance was approximately 50 percent or less that of commercially available SiC.

Flosfia has signed an agreement with Hakuto and Kyoei Sangyo for these two companies to handle corundum-type gallium oxide power devices as domestic distributors.

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