French surface mount battery maker boosts production

September 13, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
French surface mount battery maker boosts production
French surface mount microbattery maker Iten is set to dramatically expand production at a new factory in Lyon.

The company aims to make several million micro-batteries per application and per year in several application fields such as power-assistance for primary batteries and power-loss protection for DRAM emmroies, solid state drives (SSD), real time clocks (RTC) and microcontrollers. This is being deriven by the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as self-powered wireless sensors, watches, smart cards and implantable medical devices. 

During the summer, the company moved to new 2000m 2 industrial premises near Lyon that have been first adapted to have the built-in ISO-6 clean-rooms with all the production equipment required for the automated manufacture of the SMD micro-batteries.

"All automatic production machines shall be set-up and in operation by the end of 2018," said Fabien Gaben, resident of Iten.

The company is now recognized as a major supplier of SMD components able not only to store high energy densities but also to deliver the power required by RF transceivers such as Bluetooth, LORA or SIGFOX as part of the IoT. The rechargeable components operate over an extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C) and are assembled and recycled in teh same way as any other SMD component.

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