Foxconn aims to dominate electric vehicle market

October 16, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
The Foxconn MHI EV open platform
Taiwanese contract manufacturing giant Foxconn aims to dominate the electric vehicle market through an open stakeboard platform and the first commercial solid state batteries

The world’s largest contract manufacturer is offering an open platform for electric vehicles that will include solid state batteries.

Foxconn Technology, previously called Hai Hon Precision Industries, makes the Apple iPhone and many other phone brands and aims to dominate the manufacture of electric vehicles in the same way. It has teamed up with a car maker, Yulon Motors in a technology joint venture, battery makers CATL and SES and component maker Yageo on the key technologies for an open platform. It plans to be the first to launch commercial solid state EV batteries in 2024.

“We believe that after 2025 whoever masters solid state batteries will dominate the industry,” said  Jerry Hsiao, chief product officer for Hai Hon. “Solid state batteries will be one of the next technological revolutions for electric vehicles and Hon Hai will secure its foothold in this field,” he said.

The platform, launched at the Hon Hai Technology Day this week, combines key components, software and hardware in an open platform called MIH. The modular skateboard platform integrates all the components of an electric autonomous vehicle, optimised for low cost manufacturing. Different structures can be added to the platform to create sedans, SUVs and even commercial vehicles using different battery packs adn motor modules.

Open software is a key trend for the company. It says it has learnt from Apple opening up the App store, and Android opening up the whole hardware and software infrastructure of mobile phone.

“The closed system adopted by Tesla and other manufacturers requires a long development cycle and does not open to other people in the development cycle, and the development cost remains high,” said William Wei, CTO of Foxconn. “If Tesla is the iPhone of the EV, who will be the next Android of EV? We believe this is our mission,” he said.  

The development builds on a deal with Chinese car maker Yulon Motor  and a more recent deal

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