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November 20, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
The MX100Q four channel power supply from AIM-TTi uses mixed mode regulation to provide up to 420W of power.
The MX100Q four channel power supply from AIM-TTi uses mixed mode regulation to provide up to 420W of power.

For even greater security, as might be required when the four channel power supply is incorporated into a fixed system, the keypad can optionally be locked using a pass code chosen by the user.

There are two quad channel variants: the MX100Q is the standard bench model, and the MX100QP the programmable version with LAN/LXI, USB and RS232 fitted. A GPIB interface is available for the MX100QP as a customer or factory fit option. The quad output MX series units are three quarter rack width by 3U with front-to-rear venting.  A 4U rack kit is available which provides ½U of ventilation above and below with a ¼ width blanking panel to one side.

The MX100Q series provides fine precision output adjustment with a resolution of 1mV and 0.1mA. All relevant information is displayed on a large backlit graphic LCD, with control is via soft keys, a numeric keypad, and a spin wheel with simultaneous display of meters and settings for all outputs.

Over 50 standard range output combinations are available. Advanced features include 50 memorized settings for each output plus 50 further settings for all four outputs together. Multi-On and Multi-Off keys supplement the individual output On/Off keys. Keys can be programmed to turn the outputs on or off in a timed sequence. The front panel can also be locked to prevent accidental changes to settings.

The MX100Q is housed in a ¾ rack width, 3U high case with front input ventilation. An intelligent fan design minimizes cooling noise. The MX100QP version also adds USB, RS232, GPIB (optional) and LXI compliant LAN interfaces, plus duplicate rear-mounted power and sense terminals.

Typical applications include medium to high power bench-top applications requiring multiple outputs and situations where voltage and current requirements may vary widely between projects. The supplies can also be used for powering rail-sensitive circuits using on/off sequencing, repetitive testing applications requiring memorized multi-output settings memories and high-density system applications requiring multiple outputs with limited rack space; remote power control applications.

AIM Thurlby Thandar

The MX100Q is available in the US through Saelig 

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