Fluoride battery gives 2000km on a single charge

November 11, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Fluoride battery gives 2000km on a single charge
Entech will make commercial fluoride battery packs with a range of 2000km for electric vehicles in the hear future

A Chinese companies says it will build a fluoride battery for electric vehicles that will give eight times the range of today's lithium ion battery technology.

Entech International in Hong Kong has developed a prototype fluoride-ion cell that uses a fluorine-based electrolyte in the presence of adequate electrodes in a structure similar to that of lithium-ion batteries and operates at room temperature.

The company says it will manufacture vehicle battery packs capable of up to 2000km per single charge in the near future, as well as industrial fluoride battery packs

"The use of fluoride ions have certain desirable characteristics when concerning essential battery requirements that include favourable voltage, as well as the capacity of the cell in general, that amount to essentials for any battery," said Zhuan Xinyi, Chief Technology Officer at Entech International (H.K.) Limited.

The higher energy density comes from the negatively charged fluoride anions move with relatively less effort than lithium cations. The cell developed is capable of improved performance (both in terms of discharge and recharge capabilities) over traditional lithium ion-based cell solutions.


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