Fluence opens its doors with new solar energy platform

January 12, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Fluence opens its doors with new solar energy platform
Fluence, the merger of the energy storage businesses of Siemens and AES, has started operations with the launch of a third power management platform.

SunFlex Energy Storage improves and expands the capabilities of photovoltaic solar generation and will sit alongside Siemens' SieStorage and AES' Advancion platforms that have been combined in the new venture. 

The battery storage of SunFlex, up to 10MW, allows solar farms to provide up to 50 percent more clean energy per site and eliminates variability across the day such as that caused by passing clouds and expands the delivery of energy into the night.

“Solar and energy storage are the cheapest way to provide power in a number of markets today, and will reach economic parity in many more countries over the next five years,” said Stephen Coughlin, president and CEO of Fluence. "With Fluence’s SunFlex Energy Storage platform, customers can now deliver clean, abundant and low-cost solar energy on-demand, day or night."

This remove the need for back-up generation such as peaking gas plants or reciprocating engines and is especially critical on many microgrids and islands, where solar and storage combined are now the cheapest and most reliable form of energy available.

"The Fluence team originally developed energy storage solutions to replace inefficient or underutilized traditional power infrastructure assets such as power reserves, peaking, or wires," said John Zahurancik, COO of Fluence. “Today, as new power investment is flowing mainly into new solar generation, we have the chance to make this more efficient from the start. With our solution, we can get more solar energy from the same site and make the best use of our power networks.”

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