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January 08, 2021 //By Nick Flaherty
Flow battery project to power ships
A new research company in Europe will develop a complete vanadium flow battery to provide power to electric motors for ships
of both stationary and mobile applications. Vanadium is the only renewable metal in energy storage, and we plan to produce it with our 100% owned green technology as green fuel in energy storage that can be scaled to any size,” he said.

The next generation VRFB Battery design and the new high energy electrolyte solves the challenge of high-energy-density not met by conventional VRFBs, says Bakker. Solving the energy-density challenge allows the SPV designs to scale to large capacities and vastly extend energy storage beyond lithium-ion’s typical 4-8 hour operating time.

The first phase of the project will be managed by VanadiumCorp GmbH, under the direction of Chief Technology Officer, Dr. G. Y. Champagne. A multidisciplinary engineering team, located in Germany, Netherlands, and North America is focusing on VRFB system architecture, components & parts design and other required tasks leading up to delivering VRFB cells and stacks of incremental sizes for testing to local R&D partners near the VanadiumCorp GmbH plant. R&D partners will also conduct some specific lab-level material and electrolyte tests to support the engineering work and integration of the VRFB in marine vessels.

Over 2,000 ships were built based on Conoship designs, operating all around the world.

www.conoship.com; www.vanadiumcorp.com; www.vega-reederei.de

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