First defect-free AlN power wafer

May 08, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
First defect-free AlN power wafer
HexaTech in the US has shown the first defect-free 2in diameter aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate for power devices.

HexaTech in North Carolina is a leading commercial supplier of single crystal AlN substrates. These are used to build high voltage switching devices for efficient power conversion as well as long life UV-C light emitting diodes (LEDs) for disinfection applications, deep UV lasers for biological threat detection and RF components for satellite communications.

"This is the largest known single crystal AlN substrate that is completely free of macroscopic defects, and accomplishes a long-standing goal as part of our 2in product development," said Dr. Raoul Schlesser, co-founder and CTO of Hexatech. "Full-substrate reflection X-ray topography confirms this achievement, which will support and accelerate commercial production of high quality 2in material."


Image 2 - Full Substrate XRT Image

Full Substrate XRT Image

"Less than a year from our first 2in demonstration, reaching this level of perfection is a testament to the efforts of the entire HexaTech team, and highlights our relentless drive to provide our customers the ultimate in AlN substrate performance," said John Goehrke, CEO of Hexatech. "This capability establishes a new baseline for sustaining our vision of continued diameter expansion and greater market adoption."

HexaTech's 2in diameter AlN substrates, in addition to 35 mm and 25 mm substrates, are available now with standard lead times.

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