Film capacitor is 60 percent smaller

September 29, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Film capacitor is 60 percent smaller
Kemet's R52 EMI suppression film capacitor series offers high capacitance, extended stability in harsh environments with more board space

KEMET, a subsidiary of Yageo, has launched a compact polypropylene film capacitor series for EMI (electromagnetic interference) suppression that is 60 percent smaller than current devices.

The R52 series is aimed at industrial, consumer, and energy applications that require a smaller, high-capacitance X2 class solution for suppressing EMI. While the R52 series offers capacitance values up to 22µF, 85/85 THB Class IIB classification, and long-life stability in harsh environmental conditions, its volume on average is 60% smaller than other X2 devices with the same range of capacitance values.

The series meets the AEC-Q200 automotive standard and can be used in DC-DC converters within on-board battery charger systems found in electric and hybrid vehicles for as well as for EMI filtering for VFD (variable frequency drives) and LED (light emitting diode) drives. This series is also positioned to support applications with elevated energy densities, such as compact capacitive power supplies or smart grid hardware that is often located in limited access areas where regular service is not available.

The R52 series is available immediately via KEMET distributors.

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