Ferroelectric boost for ultrahigh energy density supercapacitors: Page 3 of 3

August 25, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Ferroelectric boost for ultrahigh energy density supercapacitors
Introducing defects to ferroelectric material allows researchers at Berkeley Lab in the US to create supercapacitors with dramatically increased energy density

defects was equally important," said Martin. "This shift means that it takes larger and larger applied voltages to create the maximum change in polarization." The result suggests that ion bombardment can help to overcome the trade-off between being highly polarizable and easily breakable.

The same ion beam approach could also improve other dielectric materials to improve energy storage, and provides researchers with a tool to repair problems in already-synthesized materials. "It would be great to see folks use these ion-beam approaches to 'heal' materials in devices after the fact if their synthesis or production process didn't go perfectly," said Kim.


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