Female grid power connector adds signal transmission

June 13, 2019 //By Julien Happich
power connector
Aimed at applications with integrated power and signal transmission, Fischer Elekronik offers mixed grid female headers in 2.54 / 5.08mm and 2.00 / 5.08mm grid patterns.

Nominal currents for the power connector family is a maximum of 8.2A. For the signal contacts nominal currents of 3A (grid 2.54) and 2.5A (grid 2.0) are possible. Mixed grid female headers are also available as a THT version with a 2.54 / 5.08mm grid pattern under part number “BL 22 SHK …” and as a SMD version “BL 23 SHK … SMD …”.

The straight THT design “BLY 10 SHK …” is available in grid pattern 2.00 / 5.08 mm. Various number of contacts mixed grid female headers are available in gold-plated contact surface for both grid patterns with 12 signal contacts and 2 high-power contacts.

Fischer Elektronik - www.fischerelektronik.de

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