Fastest Qi wireless charging chip

November 05, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Fastest Qi wireless charging chip
The STWLC88 is a 50W Qi wireless charging chip that is twice as fast as the previous version using a proprietary protocol from STMIcroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has launched what is says is world’s fastest 50W Qi wireless charging chip

The STWLC88 is aimed at smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other personal electronic devices for charging without cables as safely and nearly as quickly and efficiently as they could by plugging them in. The device charges smartphones twice as fast as the previous-generation device, says ST.

A fully integrated ultra-low impedance, high-voltage synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear regulator provide high efficiency and low power dissipation to avoid unnecessary heat buildup. The power-charger chip features dedicated hardware and advanced algorithms that were developed to address challenges in ASK and FSK communication during high power delivery with the proprietary ST SuperCharge (STSC) protocol.

The chip also has a highly accurate Foreign Object Detection (FOD) and an integrated accurate current-sensing system to ensure high power delivery is performed safely and in a controlled manner.

The STWLC88 can also operate in high-efficiency transmitter mode to allow high-power charge-sharing mode. This is coupled with the STWLC88’s industry-first Q factor detection in a receiver device to ensure safe operation and protection to end-users.An I2C interface allows firmware and platform developers to customize parameters in the device and the configuration can be programmed into the embedded FTP, which allows for more than 1000 times of re-programming. Additional firmware patching improves the IC’s application flexibility.

A complete turnkey Tx/Rx solution consisting of the STWLC88 and the STWBC2 digital controller achieves high power efficiently and safely, while remaining compliant with Qi specifications.

“ST’s latest STWLC88 wireless-charging IC provides the best solution for wireless-charging applications with industry-leading efficiency, highest power delivery, and maximum safety,” said Francesco Italia, General Manager, Analog Custom Products Division, STMicroelectronics. “With the launch of the world’s fastest charger, ST has expanded the portfolio to cover a wide range of power levels to meet increasing demand for higher-power chargers in the age of 5G communications.”

The STWLC88 incorporates multiple circuits to substantially reduce the external BoM (Bill of Materials), making it

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