Fast charging with USB-C connectors

September 19, 2019 //By Julien Happich
GCT's ionex range was designed to provide the fast charging capabilities of USB Type-C (USB-C) at a cost effective price point.

For applications where charging is the primary function for a USB connection, the ionex range truly makes USB-C a real option over other popular USB types.

The USB4110 surface mount variant joins the ionex product line up and is expected to be more popular since it is the prevalent mount type for USB. The ionex range achieves its competitive price point by simplifying its engineering.

Modifications made to the connector’s PIN structure by removing the SuperSpeed differential pair contacts creates a 16-pin variant of USB-C, providing ionex connectors all the required charge capabilities of Type-C with USB 2.0 functionality.

GCT (Global Connector Technology) –

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