Fanless 160W ATX DC-DC supply has specialised heat sink for industrial and automotive designs

June 15, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Fanless 160W ATX DC-DC supply has specialised heat sink for industrial and automotive designs
Bicker Elektronik has launched a compact 160W DC-DC ATX converter with cable management for individual wiring harness configurations in industrial and in-vehcile applications.

The DC161W converter has 93% efficiency with a n MTBF of 990,000 hours and is built for 24/7 continuous operation in the extended temperature range of -20 to +70°C. With a wide-range input of 6 to 36 VDC, the DC161W ensures the reliable and stable power supply of the connected mainboard even with strong fluctuations in the supply voltage. It is aimed at applications such as Industry 4.0 / IIoT, gateways, medical technology, in-vehicle systems, digital signage and point of sale. The extended operating modes for in-vehicle applications include vehicle ignition functions for intelligent shutdown control with deep discharge protection for vehicle battery. 

To ensure an optimal thermal connection of the power components on the underside of the board to the computer housing, the DC161W comes with a matching heat-conducting pad and an additional mounting hole in the middle of the board. Due to the very good thermal management, the heating of the DC161W is reduced to a minimum, making maintenance-free systems without rotating fans possible. A reverse polarity protection at the input, short-circuit and overvoltage protection at all outputs and an over-temperature protection provide additional operational safety. 

The new DC161W can be operated both in standard power supply mode and in vehicle mode, for example for CarPCs. The ignition-dependent ATX power supply as well as start and shutdown of the supplied CarPC can be individually configured via extended timing modes and a mainboard on/off connection (Intel® ATX 12V compatible). The selectable auto-latch feature ensures, for example, safe startup and shutdown of the CarPC, even with a very short ignition boost. The integrated deep discharge protection constantly monitors the voltage of the vehicle battery and switches off the DC161W automatically as soon as the battery voltage falls below a defined threshold for more than one minute. In addition, the DC161W has a remote on/off connector for the car amplifier to turn it off in time to prevent audible feedback during

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