EPC & Taiwan designers JJPlus collaborate on GaN for wireless charging

October 31, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
EPC & Taiwan designers JJPlus collaborate on GaN for wireless charging
JJPlus Corporation, a Taiwanese design house and GaN FET makers Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, are to partner to focus on product design for the accelerating wireless charging market.

In an effort to address the recently announced Taiwan wireless power standards organization’s ( TAICS’s) announcement of adopting AirFuel Alliance’s resonant wireless charging standard, JJPlus Corporation and Efficient Power Conversion Corporation have announce their collaboration to design GaN-based wireless power solutions. In addition to the Taiwan initiative, the companies add, these designs will have application for wireless charging systems worldwide.


Jeff Shu, General Manager of JJPlus Corporation said, “We are excited to partner with EPC in the design and implementation of innovative wireless power solutions. Our collaboration is in direct support of TAICS/AirFuel’s initiative in their launch of public wireless charging spots at coffee shops, airports or hotels. We look forward to employing EPC’s leading gallium nitride technology and working with their expert teams, who work closely with Witricity, to take a leadership position in this fast-growing market.”


Alex Lidow, EPC CEO and Co-founder, noted, “Our eGaN technology has been supporting the wireless charging market development with our business partners and customers worldwide for over three years. JJPlus is an exceptional team with technical knowhow, dedication, and expertise whose customer design solutions serve as market-leading solutions. With the introduction of AirFuel’s resonant technology in Taiwan’s wireless charging ecosystem, the adoption of wireless charging applications will be accelerated, further fueling the overall expansion of the GaN power market.”


Established in 2004 in Taiwan, JJPlus Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of industrial grade and high power WIFI solutions. It is a 250+ employee company supported by two veteran enterprise groups focused in development, manufacturing, and service of products for RF/Microwave embedded customers. It has its Design Centre and manufacturing base in Taiwan. Its customers are worldwide (U.S., Europe, Asia and Middle East) wireless and network system integrators; www.jjplus.com


EPC was the first to introduce enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon (eGaN) FETs as power MOSFET replacements in applications such as DC-DC converters, wireless power transfer, envelope tracking, RF transmission, power inverters,

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