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December 05, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Electric vehicle trends for 2019
Design house ByteSnap in the UK has released a set of predictions for electric vehicles over the coming year.
year, so the simplicity of EVs will drive cost reductions in all areas and an obvious example is the batteries themselves,. A smaller battery means a lighter car, which results in additional cost savings in the car chassis, brakes, charging tech, motor power etc. Small capacity EVs will reduce the rate of churn in charging technology and will make it easier to balance out charging demand. For example, an average 11.2 mile journey would require 2.5KWh or 21 minutes to charge at a domestic level of 7KW.

Autonomous electric taxis will need most of the same characteristics of these urban BEVs – for example, when such a taxi is booked, the user will provide the intended route and thus a small battery BEV will be directed to the user. In addition, there will be a large market for autonomous two person taxis, which because of additional weight reductions makes small battery BEVs even more viable.

However Bytesnap is not predicting that all EVs will be like this, but more for second cars or autonomous taxis.


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