DrMOS power stage boost for graphics cards and gaming

September 16, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
DrMOS power stage boost for graphics cards and gaming
The AOZ531x DrMOS family from Alpah and Omega Semiconductor is aimed at multiphase VR regulators in gaming notebooks.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has launched a new generation of DrMOS FETs for multiphase VR regulators in high-performance GPU and memory in desktop Add-In Graphics Cards (AICs) and gaming notebooks.

The AOZ531xQI series uses AOS latest generation of Gen Alpha MOSFET technology to provide benchmark performance in a 5mm x 5mm QFN package. The series comprises of three DC current levels for multiphase voltage regulator optimization.

The AOZ531xQI offers both performance and robustness to support high peak currents common in a GPU multiphase VR.  AOS DrMOS guarantees this performance on the datasheet, and all devices in the AOZ531xQI family features high peak current capability, up to 120A for 10us and 80A for 10ms.

“The latest GPUs from industry leaders like AMD and Nvidia require the support of high frame rates, ray tracing, and multiple high-resolution screens to offer an immersive gaming experience. An efficient, robust power stage plays a critical role in a graphics card performance as the heatsink on a high-performance graphics card touches both the GPU as well as the power stages. Cooler operation results in higher peak performance of the card, and directly translates to a better gaming experience,” said Peter Cheng, Power IC Senior Marketing Director at AOS.

The AOZ531xQI family supports both add-in cards with a 12V input and gaming laptop with a 20V input voltage operating range. Three performance levels of 50A, 60A, and 65A allow tradeoffs in the current/phase and number of phases.

The devices are compatible with 3.3V and 5VPWM logic provide a true high impedance input at PWM when disabled for phase shedding operation. There is also a thermal warning indicator and the DrMOS devices have the ability to enable or disable diode emulation mode using #SMOD input.

Part Number

DC Current Rating

Abs Max

VIN Voltage






15-20A Thermal design current/ phase

Add-In Graphic Card




15-20A Thermal design current/ phase

Gaming Laptop




20-25A Thermal

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