Double sided trench MOS rectifier in distribution

July 25, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
The Double Shielded Trench MOS rectifier is available with breakdown voltages from 20 V to 200 V.
MaxPower Semiconductor's MOS rectifier devices with high current densities and ultra low forward voltage are available through Finepower..

The Double Shielded Trench MOS rectifier (DSTMOS) devices are available with breakdown voltages from 20 V to 200 V. First, a variant with U (RRM) = 45 V is offered. At 15 A, its forward drop voltage is 0.36 V. Below its breakdown voltage, the leakage current of these rectifiers is less than 10 mA. It is stable over a wide temperature range from 25° C to 175° C.

These are aimed at high frequency switching power supplies such as DC-DC converters, power adapters, polarity protection circuits or lighting.

The DSTMOS devices are available in a wide range of different packages, including the surface mount TO-277A and TO-220AB.

Finepower is a sales and engineering company focusing on modern power electronics applications in IT, medical technology, renewable energies, automotive and e-mobility.

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