Diode combines robustness and speed

April 17, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Robust diode family with super barrier technology
The MaxSBR diode from MaxPower Semiconductor combines the low forward voltage drop and absence of reverse recovery charge of a Schottky diode with the surge voltage strength and low reverse leakage current of normal pn-junction diodes and are insensitive to high temperatures.

The diode design has a previously unavailable combination of important performance parameters enables the construction of highly efficient, extremely robust and yet extremely compact electronic devices for use in automotive electronics, industrial environments, server power supplies and other environments where failure is not an option. Examples of applications include high-frequency switching power supplies - for example DC-DC converters, power supply adapters, chargers and LED drivers. The diode technology can also be used as reverse polarity protection, freewheeling diodes and in motor control systems.

MaxPower is making the MXP40Rx diode family available as the first of the new MaxSBR generation. It comprises six different versions with a continuous peak reverse voltage of up to 45 V, an extremely low forward bias voltage V F of only 0.36 V at a current of 1.5 A. The leakage current is ten times lower than with conventional comparable rectifier diodes. Depending on the version, the diode is designed for rated currents between 10 A and 50 A. The components are available in either TO-277A or TO-220AB packages.

In Europe these diodes are sold exclusively through Finepower GmbH, Ismaning, Germany.

More information: www.finepower.com

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