Digital power controller targets 600W to 6kW designs

June 30, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
The STNRGPF02 digital power controller from STMicroelectronics is an interleaved CCM boost-PFC controller with mechanical inrush control
The STNRGPF02 digital power controller from STMicroelectronics is an interleaved CCM boost-PFC controller with mechanical inrush control

The latest digital power controller from STMicroelectronics supports two-channel interleaved boost-PFC topologies.

The STNRGPF02 brings digital power to applications from 600W to 6kW, including greater flexibility and faster design cycles compared with typical analogue approaches and follows the launch of an eco-system for digital power designs. This simplifies system integration without requiring a separate DSP or microcontroller as designers can configure the device using eDesignSuite software to complete the circuit design and select external components.

Typical applications include industrial motors, air conditioners, domestic and commercial appliances, cellular base-stations, telecom infrastructure, data centre equipment, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

The STNRGPF02 operates in continuous-conduction mode (CCM) at fixed frequency with average current-mode control. The digital power controller combines a hardware analogue Proportional-Integral (PI) compensator in the inner current loop with a digital PI controller in the outer voltage loop, ensuring fast response. Cascaded control for the voltage and current loops regulates the output voltage by acting on the total average inductor current.

Designed for mechanical inrush-current control using an external relay or triac, the digital power  controller joins ST’s STNRGPF12 with digital inrush control with a solid-state device. Both controllers support programmable phase shedding, load feed forward, and burst mode to maximize energy efficiency. Built-in protection features include programmable fast-acting thermal and over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), and soft-start management. PFC Fault and PFC OK status indicators are also provided.

The eDesignSuite tool generates a full schematic, Bill of Materials (BOM), and binary object code as firmware ready to download via the IC’s serial communication port, which greatly reduces the typical power-supply design cycle. The serial port also allows monitoring of the PFC parameters.

An evaluation board, STEVAL-IPFC02V1, is available to jump-start development with the STNRGPF02. The board contains a PFC reference design that combines analog cycle-by-cycle current regulation with the flexibility of digital control to implement power supplies with very high-power factor and very low harmonic distortion.

The STNRGPF02 is in production

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