Digital multiphase controller for telecom edge designs

August 19, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Digital multiphase controller for telecom edge designs
The AOZ97774 dual output 3+1 phase digital VCOT controller from Alpha and Omega semiconductor has 15 pin selectable device configurations for multiple telecom platforms

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has launched the first in a series of multiphase digital power controllers.

Multi-phase control, which has been increasingly adopted for driving AI processors in the data centre, adn these processors are now being used at the edge. This is seeing 5G wireless, networking and optical communications systems, particularly those using the Intel processors with the Intel VR13 infrastructure specification, using considerable larger amounts of power and so need multi-phase control. Other industrial and general purpose applications are also need this higher level of control.

The AOZ97774QE provides DC-DC power conversion from the 12V power rail to Point-of-Load voltage for all main subsystems of the 5G wireless network, including CU, DU, and RU platforms that require higher power. The part can be used for all 12V input applications where multi-phase power is required, and the main output is three phases or less.

The AOZ97774 offers up to 15 stored pin-strapped configurations, which is significantly more stored configurations than other solutions on the market. The multiple configurations allow for the one controller to behave as 15 separate power designs minimizing product management, faster system design, and easier logistics control.

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The controller also has NVM configuration, with 1,000 times read/write capability, which is also provided for maximum flexibility. This helps during system bring-up and debug, saving time and improving the reliability of results.

The AOZ97774QE Digital Dual Output Multiphase Controller also includes features specifically designed to meet the specifications of the Intel VR13 infrastructure applications. The controller has the SVID Digital High-Speed interface for those applications that have this requirement.

“The AOZ97774QE and companion, Smart Power Stage, offer a highly flexible and configurable solution for Information Infrastructure applications including Wireless and Wired Networking, Optical Communication, Server, Cloud Computing, and General-Purpose applications

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