Delta-Q ships 550Ah charger for forklift system

September 12, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Delta-Q ships 550Ah charger for forklift system
Navitas Systems in the US is to use a 550Ah lithium ion battery charger system from Delta-Q Technologies for a new electric fork lift truck.

The Navitas Starlifter-AC uses a 24V lithium battery system with the IC1200 charger from Delta-Q, part of the Italian Zapi group, to power “Class 3” material handling equipment, such as ride-on pallet jacks, stackers, and tuggers. 

“We’re delighted to integrate Delta-Q’s IC1200 battery charger as an onboard charging option on our 24-volt Starlifter batteries and provide our material handling equipment customers with a new level of charging capability,” said Samer Elshafei, director of commercial sales for Navitas Systems. “The Starlifter-AC comes in two sizes: 275Ah and 550Ah capacities. The 550Ah size in particular represents the largest commercially-available lithium forklift battery to be chargeable via an integrated charger. Delta-Q’s software customization capabilities enabled us to easily integrate the charger with our unique battery management system, which fulfills our customers’ needs for smart, reliable and safe equipment.”

Navitas Systems’ Starlifter AC lithium battery is a zero maintenance, long lifecycle lithium solution. The 24-volt Starlifter battery is normally designed for rapid recharging from an external charger, and with the optional integrated Delta-Q IC1200, it provides equipment operators with the added convenience, flexibility and control to charge their Starlifter-powered forklift from the convenience of any standard power outlet.

All Delta-Q IC Series chargers are sealed, built for reliability and record critical charge data such as power returned to the battery, charge cycle completion or interruption, and the charge profile being used. These chargers also address the need for serviceability by offering a USB host port that allows operators to download charge cycle data or upload new software and charge profiles. Delta-Q’s IC1200 has an IP67-rated external fan, which provides active cooling for full 1200-watt charger output in high ambient temperatures.  

“The Starlifter is an impressive lithium battery line, and we’re proud to provide our charging solutions for its latest model,” said Trent Punnett, vice president of sales, marketing and product management at Delta-Q. “As lift truck OEMs and major customers continue to switch to lithium

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