DC-DC converter uses GaN for 48V mobility applications

October 08, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
GaN based DC/DC converter for mobility applications
The DDC48-1K DC-DC converter is the result of a development collaboration between GaN Systems and EPowerlabs for 48V mobility applications.

Using GaN power semiconductors solves space constraint challenges typical in electric mobility systems by providing more power in smaller form factors. The DDC48-1K DC-DC converter developed by EPowerlabs is one-third smaller and 50% lighter than standard converters.

With an input voltage range of 24-60VDC and rated at up to 1kW continuous power with an overall efficiency of 97.5% at full load, this converter offers a reliable and efficient solution for electric mopeds and scooters, EV systems and vehicles, and numerous transportation and robotics applications. Power density is 28W/in3 compared to 10W/in3 in converters using other topologies and switches. The high power density results in a significant weight reduction: The design without the case weighs only 345g, and an air-cooled DC/DC of the same power weighs around 750g.

EPowerlabs’ GaN-based DC/DC converter uses GaN Systems 100V E-mode transistors (GS61008P), which leverage high-performance GaNPX embedded packaging and the high current, voltage breakdown, and switching frequency of GaN.


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