Ceramic fuse for 1500A designs

January 09, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Ceramic fuse for 1500A designs
Schurter has extended the range of rated currents in the compact high-performance fuse SHF 6.3x32 downwards.

The SHF 6.3x32 is a ceramic fuse for higher voltages (AC and DC) with fast tripping characteristics. The high withstand voltage up to 500 VAC/VDC and high breaking capacity of 1500A opens up new fields of application.

The SHF 6.3x32 now comes in thirteen rated currents between 500mA and 8A. Especially suitable for the protection of 3-phase systems, the device is available as a fuse-insert and pigtail version (rated current over 1A). Fuse-inserts are suitable for mounting in clips and fuse-holders, which makes it possible to quickly replace the fuse without de-soldering. For this Schurter offers the suitable clips and fuse-holders. The pigtail version allows direct mounting on printed circuit boards using through-hole technology and soldering. The SHF 6.3x32 can be used as RoHS-compliant fuse for lead-free systems.

Schurter - www.schurter.com

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