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November 18, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Bytesnap launches EV charger technology division
Versinetic is supplying boards and software for EV chargers as a division of design house Bytesnap

for flexibility for chargers that aren’t met by the market, rather than the destination chargers at work place, home or shopping and on-route high power DC. The enquiries we have had is for chargers for example in a car park, built into a solar array, or minimalist bollards with minimal cabling,” he said.” It’s a lot of edge cases, such as off street chargers built into lamp posts or buried in the road and so on.”

“On the software side we get a lot of enquiries from people that want to save time to market, as well as existing charger manufacturers doing lower volume designs, reducing the development costs. They are  already using off the shelf boards so switching to one that’s better suited to electric charging is not an issue,” he said.

These new form factors will be needed to expand the EV charging infrastructure. “You are talking tens of millions of chargers in the next two decades just in the UK let alone in the rest of Europe,” he said. “The real challenge is the 40 percent of households  without off street parking. A lot of roads will have to be dug up to put chargers in and innovative solutions are needed for this.”

The boards are made by a UK contract manufacturer but can also be manufactured by customers under license, says Power.  

“Some people want to manufacture under license and we are exporting to a customers, for example for a customer in Holland,” said Power. “We are using a UK CEM at the moment, particularly with Brexit round the corner, and we’ve had good pricing.”

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