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January 09, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Breakthrough in sight for thermomagnetic generators
Scientists have developed a new magnetic generator to convert waste heat into electricity. A clever arrangement of the components has made it possible to improve the electrical yield by orders of magnitude. Thus, thermomagnetic generators qualify as application-suitable technology for the recovery of electrical energy from waste heat.
with a coil in two places. A cold-warm alternating bath of the thermomagnetic elements causes them to conduct or interrupt the magnetic flux alternately. This results in a constant reversal of the polarity of the magnetic flux in the circuits, whereby an electrical voltage is induced in the coils. With a voltage of 0.2 volts and a power of 1.24 milliwatts, the new thermomagnetic generator is not only orders of magnitude better than its predecessors, but is also developing into a possible alternative to thermoelectric generators. In addition, the authors see many opportunities to further optimize these key figures. A commercial use of the thermomagnetic generator is thus within reach.

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