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July 26, 2018 //By David Atkins
The braking resistors that will not break
One of the most popular works of Renaissance sculpture is Michelangelo’s David, a piece that has become synonymous with human strength and beauty. Despite its seemingly perfect proportions, a basic design flaw of the statue has recently been brought to light. Recurring micro-fractures in the ankles might cause the statue to collapse under its own weight.

Pipelaying ships

Enormous maritime vessels fitted with heavy lift cranes are used to construct subsea infrastructure that connects oil production platforms to onshore refineries. Cressall has provided several air cooled power resistors for the tensioner systems on the decks of pipe laying vessels.

The client had previously had negative experiences with both air cooled and water cooled resistors, and decided to switch to custom design forced air cooled products, which were fitted in an enclosure on deck. Cressall recommended a 700 to 800kW continuously cooled, type-316 stainless steel power resistor, which fitted and functioned perfectly within the tensioner system and suited the application perfectly.   

One of the safest ways to save on design and production costs when purchasing a power resistor is to accurately communicate the product requirements to the supplier. Clear explanations regarding the system layout and specifications, the location of the resistor, the power requirements and footprint can help avoid unnecessary design delays or errors.

After all, unlike sculptures of biblical figures with weak ankles, power resistor design is not an art, but a precise process that results in rugged, reliable products that function perfectly in the harshest environments.


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