Brake resistor is designed for high energy pulses

July 28, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Brake resistor is designed for high energy pulses
Power module maker Vincotech has launched a new type of ultra-compact brake resistor designed to absorb higher energy pulses.

The Q992-A brake inrush current resistor features in highly reliable thick-film-on-ceramic technology with 4 kV isolation to the heat sink, an ultra-low profile and a fast-on terminal.

It is aimed at motion control brake chopper applications, with a resistance value of 400 Ω / 200 W (tolerance 20%) and 2 kW peak power. The Q992-A's design enables easy, economical assembly as it can be easily mounted to a heat sink using pre-applied thermal interface material.

The module measures 42.2 x 27.86 x 6.09 mm and is available now.


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