Bizen takes on GaN and SiC in small power packages: Page 2 of 2

September 22, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Bizen takes on GaN and SiC in small power packages
A UK startup is to ship its first 1200V power devices using a new silicon architecture called Bizen that fits into TO247 or TO263 packages
million, says Summerland. This will enable direct connection between the 1200V/75A QJT power transistor and a low voltage, low current CPU output port such as a PWM for a monolithic design.

“The QJT is the first power device on the Bizen family roadmap. This will shortly lead to the PJT (Processor Junction Transistor), an integrated Bizen device with its own processor which can also be produced on a manufacturing cycle time of eight days, heralding a new era of intelligent power devices,” he said.

SFN has also released other comparative performance metrics for a 1200V/100A part – also in TO247 – which is on its short-term roadmap. The losses at rated current will be a quarter (<300mV) of those exhibited by the SiC device, and its input capacitance will also be four to five times less (< 1pF).

In July Semefab also started making 1200V Schottky diodes on an SiC process and is planning 1700V devices.

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