All mode EMC filters target GaN and SiC designs: Page 2 of 2

May 03, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
All mode EMC filters target GaN and SiC designs
SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus (SMP) in Germany is launching a range of 'all mode' EMC filters with high frequency stability for high efficiency power designs.

“Due to the stability of their inductance, we realize our EMC filters with a smaller inductance, whereby a high dynamic of the system is achieved. The voltage spikes which occur periodically with the switching frequency of the inverter are immensely reduced. So the life-time of the electric motors is much longer. The efficiency of the entire system is further improved due to very low losses of the materials. Moreover, fewer filter components are needed, so volume is reduced and the cost effectiveness of the power electronic system as a whole is increased substantially. The fast switching SiC and GaN semiconductors place high demands on the magnetic materials. Decisions are based on materials, and with the development and production of our own materials, we have solutions for every application."

SMP's all mode EMC filters are designed to handle currents up to 2000 A, and up to 3000 A for custom versions, with frequencies up to the gigaHertz range as the materials have high saturation induction of up to 2 Tesla. The components are produced with dimensions from 19 mm to 300 mm and weights from 0.05 kg to 130 kg.

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