All mode EMC filters target GaN and SiC designs

May 03, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
All mode EMC filters target GaN and SiC designs
SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus (SMP) in Germany is launching a range of 'all mode' EMC filters with high frequency stability for high efficiency power designs.

The All Mode EMC filters are aimed at designs using gallium nitride and siliocn carbide devices for higher efficiencies as the materials developed by SMP specifically for these filters are effective for frequencies up to the gigaHertz range.

The All Mode design simultaneously damps both differential mode and common mode noise using High Frequency Composite Materials (HFCM) developed by SMP. By combining HFCM and All Mode technologies it is possible to reduce the filter components required in a system by about 50 percent, so for example no additional common mode chokes or filters are needed.

EMC filters reduce interference currents and voltage spikes in power converter systems which are generated by parasitic effects and cyclic elements of the system. The filters are aimed at power electronics, automation and drive technology applications for industries such as electromobility, railway and marine engineering, medical technology, aerospace and renewable as well as conventional power generation.

“The target is to achieve a stable inductance at the working point over the entire frequency spectrum in order to maximize the interference suppression. Compared to the standard technologies which use materials such as ferrite, electrical steel sheets and nanocrystalline ribbon, the All Mode EMC filters are up to 40 percent lighter and reduce interference levels by as much as 40 dB[µV]," said Johannes Gemenetzis, managing director of SMP.

As they are made from magnetostriction-free materials, the All Mode filters are electrically noiseless.

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