Adapting space battery tech for safer grid storage

July 16, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Adapting space battery tech for safer grid storage
Volta Energy Products will use passive propagation resistant (PPR) technology developed by Kulr Technology for stationary grid storage systems.

Kulr Technology has signed a deal for the battery protection technology it developed for space to be used for stationary grid storage systems.

The deal with Volta Energy Products will see the passive propagation resistant (PPR) technology used for stationary grid energy storage modules. The PPR coating will protect the modules as they supply immediate backup in case of power outages and supplemental energy during peak demand.

Volta is based in Buffalo, New York and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viridi Parente, which developed and manufactures Whispertech energy storage systems. Despite the name, Viridi is also based in Buffalo.

Kulr has developed the PPR technology with NASA to prevent cell to cell thermal runaway propagation and to inhibit the fire and ejecta of a single cell from exiting the battery enclosure.

Kulr currently works with NASA’s Marshall Space Center and NASA’s Ames Research Center on satellite battery designs to meet the NASA JSC 20793 Revision D safety standard for crewed space missions. KULR continues to expand its space-proven technology to mass markets such as energy storage and electric transportation.

“Volta is a leader in providing high-energy capacity energy storage solutions to industrial and mobility markets. Kulr is excited to work with Volta to provide the safest regulatory-compliant battery solution in the market. Technologies that promote battery safety are of great importance for utility and industrial energy storage industries and is a primary focus for KULR.  We provide the safest, most cost-effective energy storage technologies capable of preventing battery fires and the release of explosive, toxic gases that arise from such incidents,” said Michael Mo, CEO of Kulr.

“In order to truly impact climate change through renewable energy solutions, energy storage will continue to grow as a means to enhance demand profiles at the point of use; enhancing performance and safety is paramount to ensuring that storage gains its rightful place in maintaining an efficient electric

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