Absopulse releases 2-kW/600-Vdc industrial grade PFC-input battery charger

March 05, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Absopulse releases 2-kW/600-Vdc industrial grade PFC-input battery charger
Absopulse Electronics has released the BCP 2K-E/600 rugged, industrial grade battery charger with PFC-input provides 2 kW continuous power for charging a 600 V external battery bank. The charger is suitable for installation on electric vehicles.

The unit accepts a 240 Vac single phase nominal input (190-264 Vac operating range). A 90–264 Vac input version of this charger, capable of charging battery banks from all typical AC voltages worldwide, is also available. The 600 Vdc output is adjustable 520 to 630 V by user accessible trimming potentiometers. Several BCP 2K-E/600 units may be parallel connected to achieve higher output power and reduce the time required to recharge the battery bank.     

The charger is fully ruggedized and conformal coated for immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture and airborne contaminants - essential for demanding road conditions. They meet EN/IEC61373 Cat 1 A&B shock and vibration standards. The module complies with EN/UL60950 and equivalent industrial safety standards as well as the EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-12 directives for low input harmonic distortion. The unit is filtered to meet EN55022-A EMI standards with large margins, minimizing impact on on-board electrical systems.    

The BCP 2K-E/600 is housed in a ruggedly constructed 187 x 132 x 407 mm chassis-mount enclosure. High grade internal fans provide sufficient airflow for operation over a 0 to +50°C temperature range for full specification - wider temperature ranges are available.     

The output is also protected against accidental reverse battery connection by a crossbar diode with a user accessible 600 Vdc safety fuse.  Other protection features include 4300 Vdc input to output isolation, rectangular current limiting with short circuit protection and thermal shutdown with automatic recovery.  Efficiency at full load is a minimum of 80%.  Generous design headroom and the use of designed-in components with established reliability contribute to high MTBF and ultimately, low life cycle costs of the module.   


Standard versions of the BCP 2K-E/600 are priced in the $1,180 range at quantities of 100.

Visit Absopulse Electronics at www.absopulse.ch

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