750V, 500W DC-DC converter for light-rail and industrial

October 27, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
High efficiency 750V, 500W DC-DC converter for light-rail and industrial applications
The 500W ENR500D DC-DC converter from Powerbox operates from a 750V for light rail and industrial applications

Powerbox has launched a high efficiency 750V, 500W DC-DC converter for light-rail and industrial applications.

The switching stage of the ENR500D is based on an enhanced resonant topology providing a typical high efficiency of 95 percent across the low to high load range.

The DC-DC converter is designed for railway applications, meeting the requirements of EN 50124-1 with full performance from -40 to +70 ºC without de-rating.

A wide variety of electrically powered traction systems are used in rapid transit systems around the world, operting from 750VDC with a third rail, or 1.5kV with a third rail or from an overhead catenary. As a result 750VDC is very common in light rail, powering both the rolling-stock equipment as well trackside signaling systems. The same voltage is also used in industrial equipment and in applications such as mining.

As part of EN 50124-1, environmental conditions (PD1 to PD4B) have to be taken into account as the DC-DC converter can be part of a hermetically sealed equipment varying from no ventilation up to forced ventilation using clean filtered air from outdoors. This requires a flexible, robust design to meet such a large range of environmental conditions.

The 500W DC-DC converter platform uses a resonant topology combined with the latest MOSFET technology and the use of high performance magnetics. The ENR500D is designed to comply with the EN 50124-1 standard and for the so-called Pollution Degree 2 (PD2) such as control cabinets in the driver’s cabin or passenger compartments. The ENR500D has ingress protection to IP20, and input to output double reinforced isolation. The unit complies with EMC emissions and immunity as specified in both EN 50124-1 and EN 50124-5.

The ENR500D has a nominal input voltage of 750VDC and operates within a range of 500 to 900VDC. The nominal output voltage is set to 48VDC, though it can be adjusted up to 60VDC. Nominal output power is 500W constant across the temperature range of -40 to +70

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