650V SiC power Schottky rectifiers Series support up to 10A

September 11, 2018 //By Julien Happich
650V SiC power Schottky rectifiers Series support up to 10A
SMC Diode Solutions' through-hole  SICR5650, SICR6650 and SICR10650 Series of 650V silicon carbide (SiC) power Schottky rectifiers have been engineered for energy sensitive, high frequency applications.

The single diode SICR5650 and SICR6650 Schottky rectifiers support average rectified currents of 5A and 6A respectively, whereas the common cathode, dual center-tapped SICR 10650 parts are provided with rectified currents of 5A and 10A. 

Featuring zero reverse recovery, together with switching speeds independent of operating temperature, the series are especially suited for employment in alternative energy inverters, power factor correction (PFC), and free-wheeling diodes. They are also appropriate in switching supply output rectification and reverse polarity protection applications. 

SMC Diode Solutions’ SiC power Schottky rectifiers can withstand high forward surge currents while ensuring robust performance over their -55°C to +175°C operating junction temperature range. The SICR5650 and SICR6650 Series are available in TO-220AC, D2PAK, DPAK or ITO-220AC packages; SICR10650 parts are provided in TO-220AB, D2PAK, DPAK or ITO-220AB packages. 

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