650V high frequency IGBT series reaches 60kHz

April 29, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
High frequency IGBT series for solar inverters
STMicroelectronics has launched a series of high frequency 650V IGBTs for medium- and high-speed applications such as PFC converters, welders, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and solar inverters.

The HB2 high frequency IGBT series uses the latest Trench Field Stop (TFS) technology that provides high performance from a low VCEsat of 1.55V. At the same time, dynamic behaviour is higher from the reduced gate charge that enables fast switching at low gate current for frequencies from 16 to 60kHz. Thermal performance helps maximize reliability and power density. 

The HB2 series IGBTs can be specified with either a full-rated or half-rated diode, or a protection diode to prevent accidental reverse bias, giving extra freedom to optimize the behaviour for specific application needs. The series also includes automotive-eligible devices meeting AEC-Q101 Rev. D. 

The first of the 650V high frequency IGBT devices, the 40A STGWA40HP65FB2, is available now in the TO-247 long-lead package, priced from $2.95 for orders of 1000 pieces. A complete product portfolio covering a current range from 15 to 100 A is in development in several power packages including D2PAK, TO-220, and TO-220FP as well as long-lead and 4-lead TO-247 packages.


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