60W USB-C power adaptor provides faster charging

December 15, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
60W USB-C power adaptor provides faster charging
Huntkey in China has launched a 60W USB-C power adaptor that provides faster and more flexible charging than existing systems.

The USB Power Delivery protocol in USB-C enables much higher power delivery speed for both host-to-device and device-to-host. Implementing this technology, the Huntkey USB-C notebook adapter can not only charge a device with a faster charging speed, but also easily meet the demands of devices with larger power consumption.

The adapter can also charge different devices at different voltage levels of 5 V, 9 V and 20 V with intelligent charging, handling a wide range of devices ranging from smartphones to power banks, tablets, laptops and drones, although there are no tmany of these with the USB Type-C connectors.

The 90Vac - 264Vac input includes SCP (Short Circuit Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection). Line and load regulation is ±5% and the efficiency varies from 78.7% at 5V to 88% at 20V. 


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