600V gallium nitride FETs with integrated drivers show 99 percent efficiency

October 30, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
600V gallium nitride FETs with integrated drivers show 99 percent efficiency
Texas Instruments (TI) has launched a range of 600V gallium nitride (GaN) with co-packaged 50mΩ and 70mΩ 1MHz power stages to support applications up to 10 kW with efficiencies up to 99 percent.

The LMG341x family enables designers to create smaller, more efficient and higher-performing designs compared to silicon field-effect transistors (FETs) in AC-DC power supplies, robotics, renewable energy, grid infrastructure, telecom and personal electronics applications.

The GaN FETs provide a smart alternative to traditional cascade  and stand-alone GaN FETs by integrating unique functional and protection features to simplify design, enable greater system reliability and optimize the performance of high-voltage power supplies. With integrated 100ns current limiting and overtemperature detection, the devices protect against unintended shoot-through events and prevent thermal runaway, while system interface signals enable a self-monitoring capability.

The ntegrated GaN power stage doubles power density and reduces losses by 80 percent compared to silicon metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). Each device is capable of 1MHz switching frequencies and slew rates of up to 100 V/ns.

The portfolio is backed by 20 million hours of device reliability testing, including accelerated and in-application hard switch testing, and each device in the portfolio offers a GaN FET, driver and protection features at 50 mΩ or 70 mΩ to provide a single-chip solution for applications ranging from sub-100 W to 10 kW.

TI is showing a 10kW cloud-enabled grid link developed with Siemens using the LMG3410R050 600-V GaN FET with integrated driver and protection, enabling engineers to achieve 99 percent efficiency and up to 30 percent reduction in power component size compared to a traditional silicon design.

The devices are available now in the TI store in 8-mm-by-8-mm split-pad, quad flat no-lead (QFN) packaging. The LMG3410R050, LMG3410R070 and LMG3411R070 are priced at US$18.69, $16.45 and $16.45, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.   LMG3410EVM-018, LMG3410-HB-EVM and LMG3411EVM-029 evaluation modules are also available.


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