5mm high fuel cell contacting unit

July 18, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
5mm high fuel cell contacting unit
Measurement technology and test systems specialist Smart Testsolutions has developed a cell contact-making unit for the voltage tap on fuel cells, which has a height of only 5 mm, compared to previous solutions that needed space between 35 and 250 mm.

The new unit makes complex positioning work on the contacts unnecessary and can be used in stationary test equipment as well as in fuel cell vehicles. 

So far, spring contacts have generally been used, which need to be extensively adjusted and built up high. Instead, the CVP (Cell Voltage Pickup) ensures reliable voltage tapping without manual adjustment. The contacts centre themselves in the cell pockets, guaranteeing short assembly times. At the same time, the contacting unit has a height of only five millimeters, while conventional solutions have heights of between 35 and 250 millimeters.

Thanks to their compact design, the CVP contact unit can be used both stationary on test stands and mobile in fuel cell vehicles. By using 3D printing processes, the design is adapted in such a way that Smart customers can integrate the system into a space-neutral configuration in existing serial design signals.

The contacting unit consists of gold-plated copper-beryllium wires which are spring-mounted in modular holders. This ensures that production tolerances of the stack as well as impact and vibration loads in the vertical direction are compensated. The holders are threaded onto profiles and stored in a floating position. Thus, the system can also compensate for changes in length of the stack in the horizontal direction.

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