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September 03, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
5GW solar array with re-used batteries powers Mercedes plant
Mercedes' Factory in Germany 56 is the blueprint for future plants as part of a carbon-neutral Industry 4.0

In the TecLines, the traditional production line is replaced by driverless transport systems. To integrate a new product and incorporate any associated new equipment, it is only necessary to change the route of the automated guided vehicle (AGV).

Factory 56 is controlled by the MO360 family of software applications which are connected via shared interfaces and standardized user interfaces, using real-time data to support the worldwide vehicle production of Mercedes-Benz Cars. MO360 integrates the information from the main production processes and IT systems of the more than 30 Mercedes-Benz car plants worldwide, and brings together important software applications.

Digital tracking of each vehicle on the line via a positioning system means the vehicle data that is relevant to the employees is displayed on the line in real time, using digital devices and display screens.

On the roof of Factory 56 is a photovoltaic system which supplies the building with self-generated, green electric power. The 12,000 photovoltaic modules provide an output of over 5GWp. This is enough to cover about 30 percent of the annual power requirements of the factory, connected to a DC grid that will improve the energy efficiency of the assembly shop in the future.

A stationary energy bank based on vehicle batteries from Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH with is also connected to the DC network. With an overall capacity of 1,400 kWh, it acts as a buffer for excess solar power from the photovoltaic system. Modern lighting consisting of LEDs that give the same spectrum as sunlight, which allows the 35,000 staff across the site to work in daylight.

“Factory 56 is our most advanced automotive production facility worldwide – flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable. Everything here places people at the centre of things. It is already making the Mercedes-Benz factory of the future a reality,” said Jörg Burzer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG for Production and Supply Chain. “Thanks to MO360, our comprehensive, digital ecosystem, we are making production processes in Factory 56 even more transparent and setting milestones in digital pro.duction. With Factory 56, Mercedes-Benz is showing how the sustainable and efficient automotive production of tomorrow and the day after will work. We will gradually transfer the findings we obtain here to our plants all over the world. The potential is enormous.”


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