450W AC-DC converter for medical and industrial designs

May 05, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
450W AC-DC converter for medical and industrial designs
The ECH450 AC-DC converter from XP Power has a peak power of 450W with open frame and enclosed versions for medical, industrial and ITE designs. 

 XP Power has launched an AC-DC converter with a peak power of 450W for medical, industrial and ITE designs. 

The ECH450 series delivers 250W when convection cooled and the full 450W when force cooled or with a fan in the enclosed version. It carries worldwide ITE and medical approvals with class B conducted & radiated emissions making it suitable for industrial, IT and healthcare applications including those requiring BF patient protection.

The convection cooled ratings and 94 per cent efficiency at full load make the power supplies suitable for medical device applications, where audible noise is undesirable, and industrial or ITE applications where fanless operation increases reliability.

The AC-DC converter units operate at full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +50ºC without derating – and at half power at +70ºC ambient. Peak load applications are supported up to 450W with convection cooling with average power up to 250W. The units measure 127 x 76mm with a 35.5mm profile and have a universal input range of 90 V AC to 264 V AC with derating below 100 V AC for global use. Single output voltages available are 12.0V, 15.0V, 19.0V, 24.0V, 36.0V, 48.0V and 54.0V.

A number of mechanical configurations are available including fan-less units that are open frame or fitted with an optional vented cover (-C). Units with an integral fan have the option of either an end fan (-EF) or a top fan (-TF) to suit the airflow requirements of the end equipment with the choice of formats ensuring easy mechanical integration. The open frame and vented cover (-C) units include a 12V, 600mA fan supply to power a remotely located cooling fan and all versions come with a 5V/1A standby supply.

Medical approvals to IEC60601-1 provide two means of patient protection (2 x MOPP) input to output isolation and this, along with basic isolation from output to ground and low levels of leakage current, ensure that ECH450 power supplies are suitable for

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