3W AC-DC converter supports transients up to 12W

January 20, 2020 //By Julien Happich
AC-DC converter
Mornsun‘s 3W AC-DC converter LDE03-20Bxx-O Series supports 12W output for up to 10 seconds, solving the power redundancy requirement of high transient power in systems.

Mornsun has launched a 3W AC-DC converterthat supports a 12W output for up to 10 seconds to handle high transient power in systems.

In some applications where high transient communication or drive power is required, large amounts of power are output in a short time at transmitting and receiving data or driving relays. These systems usually have to use a higher steady output converter to meet the demand in the case of no high transient converter, resulting in power redundancy.

The LDE03-20Bxx-O series can replace a 12W steady output power supply for transients up to 10 seconds while offerig a reliable 3W power supply at the same time, all in a 37.0x24.5x18.0mm package.

The unit is isolated to 4000VAC and operates over a wide temperature of -40 to +80°C. No-load power consumption is 300mW and it comes complete with protection functions such as output short circuit, over current, over voltage and over temperature protection.

Mornsun – www.mornsun-power.com

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