300W AC-DC converter with triple isolated outputs for robotics and factory automation

October 05, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
300W AC-DC converter with triple isolated outputs for robotics and factory automation
Cosel has added a 300W open frame AC-DC converter to RB series for mid-size robotics and factory automation.

The RBC300F is an open-frame, configurable AC/DC power supply with triple outputs tailored for robotic controllers and factory automation.

It offers three configurable isolated outputs, with one having a reinforced isolation to power Intelligent Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) or equivalent applications.

By reducing the need for an extra isolation transformer when connected to a distribution panel, the RBC300F power supply simplifies the design process for systems architects while reducing costs. It includes built-in digital control in the primary and an option featuring extended UART communication interface for control, monitoring and sequencing.

Designed for worldwide applications, the AC-DC converter accepts input voltages of 85 to 264VAC, single phase, and delivers an output power of 300W with an efficiancy up to 92 percent via three independent outputs.

The master output (Slot 1) can deliver 240W and is available in three output versions: 12V/16A, 24/10A and 48V/5A.

The second output (Slot 2) can host configured modules with single or dual outputs of 5V/3A ; 12V/1.3A ; 24V/0.65A ; +/-12V/0.6A ; +/-15V0.5A ; 3.3V/5A ; 5V/5A ; 12V/2.5A ; 16.5V/1.9A ; 24V/1.3A ; 48V/0.65A ; +/- 12V/0.7A and +/-15V/0.7A with a power of 14.4 to 30W depending on the output voltage.

The third output (Slot 3) can host any of the single output voltage modules in the same power level. For higher voltages, outputs can be connected in series. All output voltages are adjustable via a built-in potentiometer.

Applications in robotics control are often powered by 24V or 48V bus voltage. In such applications the distribution bus might be subject to repetitive peak energy demand, requiring the power supply to sustain such load conditions. The RBC300F 24V and 48V output modules have been designed to operate efficiently in peak load conditions and can sustain up to 150% peak current.

The reinforced isolation of output three is suitable to supply voltages to IGBTs or IPMs, which reduces the number of power supplies required to power

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